Kodak Black Wants To Fight Lil Wayne

Kodak Black has a score to settle with Weezy F.

With every passing day, more fuckery awaits. Florida trapper Kodak Black has upped the ante in his Weezy ass-eating saga. Apparently, Kodak wants to prove he’s a better rapper than Weezy by fighting the NOLA legend, perhaps in a boxing ring.

While in the studio with A Boogie, Kodak posted a video of himself challenging Lil Wayne to fight. Below is an excerpt of what Kodak had to say:

“Tell Lil Wayne, fight me … I’ma knock that stupid nigga out … If he whups me, he’s the best rapper alive …”

We’re not entirely sure why Kodak is currently picking this fight, but it feels very much in line with the current climate of the rap game.

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