Speed Darlington Vows To Kill The Person Who Scratched His Car (Video)

Speed Darlington vows to kill the person who scratched his car (video)

Internet sensation Speed Darlington is in a very bad mood after someone scratched his new car and he’s vowed to kill the person responsible when he finds them.

In a video shared online, he said he is willing to die in the process of fighting the person who scratched his car and adds that no one will miss him since he has no wife or kids, therefore he has nothing to lose.

Sharing the video on Instagram, he wrote:

Jealous people won’t let me be. I wise I know who did this I swear. The pig comes on ig watch my videos then go deface my car. Whoever did this knows me. This is NOT a laughing matter. It’s NOT done by a white person black or brown person did this. African or American black am not sure but it’s not a white person because very few live where I live.

Watch the video below.

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