Alibaba Scolds Nigerian Youths After They Swarmed His Page Begging For Fictitious Money Dangote Gave Him To Share

So, yesterday, ace comedian Alibaba shared a post saying he was giving out 25 million Naira to people with great business ideas, courtesy of Aliko Dangote. He has now revealed it wasn’t real. It was an experiment of sorts and the result of the experiment, which he has shared, is quite enlightening.

Before writing that he was giving out 25 million Naira with help from Dangote, Alibaba shared a post where he said he wanted to teach young people some of the things the late Pa Steve Rhodes taught him which helped him get ahead in life, but only 7 people commented to indicate their interest.

However, when he shared that he was giving out money to businesses, the post got lots of comments. He also got DMs from people asking for the money. But what’s surprising is that most of them had no business ideas and were asking for the money to do things like open a church and sort out their families.

From what he learnt from his little experiment, Alibaba concluded that “few want to put in the work”.

Read his post below.

At least there is hope. Journalism is not dead. There are still people who will read, comprehend and report the real reason behind the story. Like when #CNN says “we Go behind the headlines to bring you the real issues”. In this case the real issue is that no one wants to learn the ropes. I wrote about the things Pa Steve Rhodes had taught me, that helped to get me to where I am right now. And hinted it will be Part of a MASTERCLASS in the offing. 7 comments for over 12 hours. Then I mentioned I had N25m from Dangote to DASH out for BUSINESSES. All of a sudden EVEN those who complained that he wasted money to give his daughter a benefiting wedding, now see this hypothetical dash as the best thing the man has done. CLEARLY, MANY PEOPLE ONLY BELIEVE IN DASH MONEY. SECONDLY, people don’t read and comprehend. They will blame the economy. That’s why getting companies are on the increase. Everyone wants a short cut. Few want to put in the work. Let’s EVEN say the N25m was available for the BUSINESSES… How is house rent, hospital bills, school fees, open church and “money to sort out my family” part of business support. My DM is full. And I CLEARLY said no DMs. One of them even got cocky and said if I don’t share the money he will she me to court. Another said that is how I promised a industrial sewing machine and I didn’t give it out. The problem is people have turned Instagram to GO-FUND-ME platform. Just imagine. WHEN Dangote BUILT a FACULTY of business STUDIES, it did not trend with 3000 comments. He BUILT a hospital. No 3000 comment. Then a fictitious N25m vas give away… come and see comments. Home and abroad. You see why education or lack of it is our biggest problem. Everybody wants to blow. No need to work. 3 associations just contacted me about different activities they want to organise. 2 ladies want to su support abandoned babies. If there was N25m for BUSINESSES, wouldn’t all that be out of the ambience of the fund. No. People don’t read. Journalists too don’t help. Because there are many accidental bloggers. Read @lauraikeji’s book and saw where people who sought and got funds from Linda, for Business disappeared into thin air. Na so so dash we Sabi


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