Blackface Blows Hot Again – 2face Is Never Concerned About People, He’s Just Concerned About Himself

Popular Nigerian singer, Blackface Naija has called out popstar and former group mate, 2Face Idibia, over his PLANNED nationwide protest.

It is no longer news that Blackface and 2face Idibia have had a long-running battle over the years following the split of their group, Plantashun Boiz.

Recently, Blackface once again renewed his bitter rivalry with 2face when he re-posted a lengthy piece titled ‘Let us educate the illiterate‘ on his Instagram page targeting 2face Idibia and the planned protest on February 5, 5017.

His post ended up attracting widespread criticism from fans who THOUGHT he was being petty.

However, in an exclusive interview, Blackface has defended his action saying, ‘I don’t think they should be thinking of a protest because we just got out from a crazy time, and the government is trying to fix the country.

It’s time to SUPPORT the government and see what we can do for the country and not protest. They have been there for smaller amount of time and expect them to do miracles’.

2face is a greedy person and he’s not protesting because of Nigerians. He’s doing this because of his greedy self.

I won’t be part of such, Blackface concluded.

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