Lady Seen Beating Her Man After She Caught Him Talking To Another Lady (Video)

lady seen beating her man because she caught him talking to another lady

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bigmurphy9ja : This is violence against man…see truout d guy didn’t raise a hand, if d guy cum mistakenly give am one blow now wey pp see they will say haha no matter what never hit a woman. Double standard


funmitush : Imagine

vikky_ij : It looks immature to me…the beating is enough now. He doesn’t want sense else his slap will reset it memory card

zedozinho : Never hit a woman. This guy is the epitome of control.

lagarbenterprises : �����you mean she go don de pick her teeth for ground?

lagarbenterprises :This lady needs a wig removing slap…just 1 to reset her brain.

precious.osayande : That last upper cut was lit ���

iviexxy : Some women are just stupid

dlboogie : He better than me……

vickymweshama : �����

green_millee : you are sure sure like seriously � this is just a post we don’t even know the Source yet so what makes u so so sure . And even if he did something wrong is not enough reason promote domestic violence regardless of the gender male or female we are all human

fedddis : This whole feminism thing has ruined our generation. If it were the other way, the man will be crucified therein

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