Let Maina Blow The Whistle – Ali Baba Dares Federal Government

Ace comedian, Ali Baba has reacted to a viral video of former Pensions Board Boss, Abdul Rasheed Maina, where he speaks from hiding.

The legendary comedian dared the Federal Government to allow Maina blow the whistle if truly, he knows where the money is.

He also added that the money in question, N2 trillion is a huge sum of money and can be invested in any viable sector of the Nigerian economy.

He wrote:-

“So, Maina, the former Pension Task Force Boss has embraced the whistle blowing program. What is government waiting for? You said he stole money. We believed you. He got back into the service. Even got promoted. Now the man is singing. The man says he knows where the money is. The man says he has documents. He even did a video. You can only be this daring if you know that what you have is incontrovertible evidence. 2trillion is not beans. If invested in any viable sector of the Nigerian economy It can trigger many spiral turn around of fortunes. Or is he right in saying they (some members of a cabals) don’t want him to speak?”

In the video, Maina vehemently defends himself from the multi billion naira corruption allegations and revealed that he has documents as evidence and he can help Nigeria to locate where over 2 trillion naira loot is hidden by powerful corrupt people whom he also claims are after his life. He however, demands that 3 months be given to him to recover the hidden loot.

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