“Ubi Franklin’s 4th Baby Mama Was Engaged To Another Man Before He Got Her Pregnant”

Report of Ubi Franklin expecting a 4th child with a 4th woman identified as Sandra Iheuwa has taken a different twist, as it was gathered that she was engaged to another man before Ubi Franklin got her pregnant.

A Nigerian doctor and Twitter user, Oluwafisayo who commented on the report, disclosed that she knew about this since 2018. She further revealed that Sandra Iheuwa was engaged to another man before Ubi Franklin got her pregnant. She also shared a March 1 report on SDK which corroborated her claim. It was further gathered that she was engaged to a lawyer who she gave N8million and now demanding back after their engagement packed up.

A quick check on Instagram also revealed that she has gotten N1million out of the N8million she borrowed the lawyer she was previously engaged to. Sandra Iheuwa wrote on Instagram;

“Well 1 million was paid out of my the debt owed to me with promise to pay the rest tomorrow let’s see how tomorrow goes no 7 million alert I will unmask the document cos some people need to be taught a lesson you can’t go around doing stupid poo and think there are no consequences. I am a Mbaise woman dont mess with me when it comes to my money”

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