I Used To Fight People For Talking Down On Nigeria – Singer Simi

Simi also seems to be fed up with the Nigerian system like several Nigerian youths, and also with government officials and all the challenges that most Nigerian’s face daily to survive.

The singer took to her Twitter page to share her opinions on the current happenings in the country, she also said she used to fight people for talking down on Nigeria.

According to the singer:

‘How can a government be so wrong that most of the people are mentally exhausted and tired of being Nigerians? There is no value system. Hardly anyone to fight for the little guy. Only people that like to talk about what they want to do. Talk is dirt cheap’.

I don’t talk about politics much, but it’s heartbreaking to see how broken many of us are. I used to fight people for talking down on Nigeria. But there’s hardly any basis for that fight anymore. We deserve better.’

Simi was recently in the news when she said her music I more important than any other thing in her life, even her dressing. She came under fire by her fans who always complain that she doesn’t have a sense of dressing. in her reaction to that she says:

“I believe that everybody is entitled to their opinions. Some people may say that they don’t like my dress, shoes or any other thing. I don’t find that surprising or strange because there are also a lot of dresses and shoes that I don’t like. I like to be comfortable in whatever I wear and that is what dictates my outfits.

She went further to say:

“A lot of people have expressed their views about my dress sense on social media. Sometimes, I ‘humour’ them. You can express yourself on my page but don’t be rude or insulting.

Some of the people, who make those comments, are just full of hate and they just go all around the Internet, looking for where to spread their hate. I am comfortable in my own skin and I just want to keep making good music and connect with my true fans.”

She also talked about her experience of being the chief bridesmaid at her mother’s second wedding some weeks ago, she said

“It was a wonderful experience. Seeing my mother so happy was something I definitely enjoyed. I wish her and her husband best of luck in their marital journey.”


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