YCee Comes Hard For The Head Of Sony Music, West Africa, Michael Ugwu

Nigerian singer songwriter and Juice crooner, Ycee is on the journey to unburden his heart today and he is not ready to take a break until he’s done with Sony Music.

Today, 29th of August, Ycee attacks Michael Ugwu, who happens to work with Sony Music Entertainment, West Africa as the General manager. According to Ycee on Twitter, Sony Music is reaping off Nigerian artistes instead of helping them.

We would remember that back in 2016, Sony Music had signed Ycee on an exclusive deal as part of its expansion across Africa.

Apparently, the deal is not going as planned and Ycee is dragging them on Twitter without looking back!

This social media attack started when Michael Ugwu tweeted about his hustle on Twitter, a statement people paid little or no attention to, but apparently Ycee saw an embedded meaning in the tweet and fired… hard!

Well, Ugwu received blasting after this tweet from Ycee whose response we think might be due to the outcome of the deal and we believe it is coming from a place of anger.

Although neither Michael Ugwu or Sony have said anything about the tweet, we are hoping to get a proper information on what went down and what is actually going on, but until then, is this something Nigerian artiste are going through as Ycee implied and are they ever going to have a conversation about it to come to an understanding?

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